Scenic Lawrence Brook - Landmarks

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Landmarks, going downstream

Davidsons Mill Dam
Davidsons Mill Dam  Davidsons Mill Dam  (spillway) Riva avenue bridge,
below Davidsons Mill Pond
Davidsons Mill Road bridge
(looking downstream)

Mayes Brook. Jurassic diabase rocks and old mill fishing  below the Farrington Dam
Remains of old mill
(Mayes brook)
Farrington Dam Farrington Dam (34 ft  high) Looking  down  from the dam

Milltown dam, under Main Street
Mill Pond and Michelin factory, which  closed in 1930 Mill Pond Main street  over the Mill Pond dam  Mill Pond dam 

 Rail  Road bridge.  View from Milltown Main Street The RRRR was used to  film " the Perils of Pauline"
RRRR branch to old Michelin  factory Raritan River Railroad (RRRR)
RRRR bridge (going  east) over abnormally muddy  waters, RRRR bridge, going  west

Rutgers Log Cabin (1936) facing  Weston Mill Pond The "Indian cave", what   is  left of an attempt to mine copper
Remains of  the old
Ryders Lane bridge
Rutgers' Log  cabin, overlooking Westons Mill Pond Rutgers' Log  cabin, overlooking Westons Mill Pond "The Indian Cave" in Helyar forest

Brook in the  native forest (Helyar woods) and boy scout  bridge Horse shoe Dam (Weston Mill Pond dam) View, under Burnet street  bridge, of  the dam and the bridge of route 18
Boy scout  bridge
(Rutgers' Helyar  native forest)
Horseshoe  dam Horseshoe  dam Westons Mills area